A Recreational Pilot’s Dogfight.

Ever since I was a kid, I read Biggles like the Bible. Here’s some things about flying I learnt, then and since.

Untie the plane
(Won’t forget that again)
Check the oil
Every single time. Well, this part doesn’t rhyme because it’s a #1 rule, especially when fetching your plane from maintenance and if you don’t you’re a bloody idiot

Do a barrel roll
Find a Hammond hole
Check your back
Before you attack

Trust the gauge
You must let it assuage
The feeling of grog
When caught in the fog

Use your wingman
Unless you lose your wingman
An eye on your fuel
Before you duel

Keep your eyes open
Approaching Moorabbin
VFR route?*
Prob’ly students about

*(if you’ve worked with boys as long as I have you’ll pronounce ‘route’ the American way)

Last but not least
When in CTA
Do as the controller says
Or they’ll send you away

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