At Present

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
Robert Greene, 1592

Given my primary dreams are to live on and operate a small aerodrome or airstrip (with my own aircraft, hangar-house and veg garden), scribbling stories from the highlands of Papua New Guinea periodically, these I continue to pursue in 2022.

Aside from polishing off my fixed-wing Commercial Pilot Licence and building hours in hot air balloons, I’ll complete a few small courses (fire warden, first aid etc) so I’m more kitted out in the Operations department. Eventually, I’d like to land an ARO or Aerodrome Operations position in an interesting and unique location that would include the opportunity to get some flying in and meet some legends along the way.

In the meantime – a few of the ways I earn a crumb…

OPERATIONS & MARKETING – Global ballooning Australia

Very often, you’ll find me up very early – and it’s likely to be out in a paddock wrangling an unwieldy bundle of Nomex and a wicker basket into position. While I also crew in the beautiful Yarra Valley over the summer, I predominantly assist my best friend and commercial pilot, Georgia Croft, with our operation up in Mansfield (VIC). Ballooning in the high country is truly exceptional, and working alongside the local community here to bring this experience to our passengers makes my heart sing.

I’ve worked and played with the Global family for over five years now – everything from adventures to competition to writing their stories (see below). I completed my private ballooning licence with them in 2021, so I’m also the newest commercial pilot-in-training and will be taking every chance I can to build hours over the next couple of years.

Columnist & FEATURE WRITER – HeliOps Magazine

HeliOps is an international online publication by Kia Kaha Media, based in NZ and published every two months. I’m a freelance contributor and author of the column A Greater View – a space featuring stories of women in all areas of the helicopter/aviation industry.

I have written for HeliOps since January 2020, interviewing and building relationships with women all over the globe to bring an array of experience to the page. I’ve learnt so much about myself and the industry, and it’s been a real pleasure working with Mark Ogden (Editor) and Neville ‘Ned’ Dawson (Publisher), both industry legends in their own rites.

I am particularly proud of the feature I wrote about Jana Meyer, South African heli pilot and counter-poacher, published in August 2020.


Hitting the books for any part of your Australian pilots’ licence isn’t an easy feat – especially if you’ve elected to self-study. If you often catch yourself wondering if you’re on the right track, or you’re struggling with any part of balancing your flying, studying and life, I can help 🤞🏽

I currently tutor all subjects up to CPL level (fixed-wing and hot air balloon) and, if you need higher than this, have access to a plethora of instructors/pilots/industry legends I can highly recommend. There’s a whole section of my website devoted to this – if you’re interested, click the link just here, and we’ll do it together!

PREVIOUSLY Assistant Operations 2016-21 – Yarra Valley Aviation

One of my proverbial homes.

I spent the first five years of my aviation career in this flourishing family business, my position constantly evolving to include the following and exclude just about nothing – flying school operations (Lilydale Flying School), scheduling and managing instructors, students and aircraft, organising and hosting social events, air shows and fly-aways, marketing and digital advertising, business development, charter quoting, refuelling and preparing charter aircraft, and all manner of other things. I wrote copy and supplied photography for pamphlets, information brochures and the website, created content for and managed the Yarra Valley Aviation and Lilydale Flying School‘s business Facebook pages, wrote itineraries for charters and fly-aways and ran the Lilydale Airshow website (WordPress) in the lead up to the 2019 event.

It was the perfect intro to the industry for me, and I’ll always look back on my time here fondly.

These days I am still around, talking gas over tea in the kitchen and flying often. I’m currently focusing on finishing my Commercial Pilot Licence, so am spending less time in the office and more in the sky – just how I like it!

PREVIOUSLY Editor 2018-22 – AIRNEWS Magazine

Airnews is the nationally distributed print magazine of the Australian Women Pilots’ Association (AWPA). Published three times a year, the magazine features aviation industry news from around Australia, information about upcoming events, arrangements for future AGMs and conferences, plus feature articles on members (past and present), destinations and other topics of interest.

As the editor, I worked closely with freelance contributors, a team of six state reporters and the National Committee, collating and producing each issue over approximately two and a half months. I also wrote features and all copy, managed social media channels and was heavily involved in all stages of production and design.

Let’s build something together.