On Natalie Davies-White – for HeliOps Magazine

The twists and turns of one's career and life are always a curious thing. Is it best to act through conscious choice? Do we subconsciously open ourselves to opportunities based on our thoughts and beliefs at a given time? Or is it all just a collection of happy coincidences? Whatever it is, Natalie Davies-White's life so far has been immense and an interesting one to watch...

On Mona Seeberger – for HeliOps Magazine

Mona Seeberger is a Commercial Helicopter pilot and Fluggerätmechaniker (helicopter technician). She spoke to me for HeliOps Magazine, where we discuss the importance of knowing your aircraft, utilising social media to gain leverage in the aviation industry, adventure flying all over the world and the special thrills of taking to the air as a fresh PPL.

On Wing Chan – for HeliOps Magazine

Wing loved machines and the ocean as a kid. Growing up, her family home was on the coast of Hong Kong, right in front of a spot where fire-fighting helicopters would pick up their water. She spent a lot of her time watching helicopters loading their buckets and wondering what it would be like to be in the pilot seat. As a teenager, she decided that she wanted to be a marine scientist and a helicopter pilot. Nobody believed that this was possible, but Wing loves a good challenge. I spoke to her about combining unlikely passions and the importance of preparation and support in facilitating success.

King Island, TAS: An Accidental Photo Essay

Writer and accompanying-imagery provider, Bronni Bowen, hitches a lift over the dark seas of the Bass Strait armed only with a Canon EOS M50 and two lenses, to capture a special space to which few from the mainland will venture. She begs to ask the question – “Is it audacious to have one’s camera set to automatic, for the time being, and still refer to oneself as a photographer?”

Counter-Poaching from the Air – HeliOps Magazine

Ever since she can remember, Jana Meyer wanted to be a 'Wildbewaarder' - a game ranger, or nature conservationist, in Afrikaans. In my first full-sized feature for HeliOps Magazine (secretly - ever), I look at the events that sparked Jana Meyer's passage into aviation, and what it is like to be one of South Africa's very few female specialised game capture helicopter pilots. An EPIC.