On Natalie Davies-White – for HeliOps Magazine

The twists and turns of one's career and life are always a curious thing. Is it best to act through conscious choice? Do we subconsciously open ourselves to opportunities based on our thoughts and beliefs at a given time? Or is it all just a collection of happy coincidences? Whatever it is, Natalie Davies-White's life so far has been immense and an interesting one to watch...

On Mona Seeberger – for HeliOps Magazine

Mona Seeberger is a Commercial Helicopter pilot and Fluggerätmechaniker (helicopter technician). She spoke to me for HeliOps Magazine, where we discuss the importance of knowing your aircraft, utilising social media to gain leverage in the aviation industry, adventure flying all over the world and the special thrills of taking to the air as a fresh PPL.

On Amy Miller – HeliOps Magazine

Facing a firestorm season said to be one of the worst in decades, with scientists forecasting temps to soar above those recorded, ever, Amy Miller set about fulfilling her self-made destiny - pilot, firefighter, and rescuer. She’s one of Australia’s secret weapons, and the best part is, she’s doing exactly what inspired her to fly helicopters from the very beginning.